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Energy for All – International Student Energy Summit 2013

Patrick Schroeder participated in the International Student Energy Summit 2013 (ISES2013) in Trondheim, Norway, from 12-15 June 2013. He represented CANGO in the session on “Energy for All - How Can Global Energy Access Facilitate Development”. He presented and explained issues relating to provision of sustainable energy access for poor and vulnerable people from both a Chinese and European perspective. Other participants of the session included Liberia’s Minister of Lands, Mines & Energy Mr. Patrick Sendolo, Mr. Ewah Eleri, Executive Director of International Centre for Energy (ICEED), and the student representatives Mr. Omar Wani Bashir (India), Ms. Cilia Holmes Indahl (Norway) and Mr. Manual Wiechers (Mexico). In connection to the panel session, a workshop session was held to identify the most relevant issues to enable energy access for all as recommendation for the current UN-led design process of the Sustainable Development Goals which will be initiated in 2015.
The International Student Energy Summit is a major event that brings together leading students, young researchers, experts, industry representatives and policymakers to discuss cutting edge challenges and opportunities relating to the global energy transition. At the ISES 2013 in Trondheim, more than 500 participants came together and discussed issues ranging from climate change, renewable energy, arctic oil drilling, nuclear energy development and energy access for developing countries. Ms. Connie Hedegaard, Climate Change Commissioner of the European Union, gave a key note speech in which she emphasized the importance of cooperation between China and Europe to takle the joint challenges of energy security, climate change and development.